Day five

December 18, 2009

Didn’t have time to write yesterday. It’s been insane at work. I find my self in my office on Friday afternoon and still eating “clean.” I’m massively craving carbs today, but I’m not giving in. The progress I’ve seen is impressive: weighed in at 260.2 lbs. this morning. I haven’t seen the 250s in ages, so this is going well. I’m pushing through, aiming for the 240s, which I haven’t seen in years. My first big goal is 240 lbs. for March 6th. I have a big work event that day and I want to be well on my way to reaching the big goal by then.

I’m finding myself a bit fatigued. I added some rolled oats to my breakfast, which seems to have been a good decision. I need to make sure I’m getting enough fiber while still loosing weight.

Have hit the gym every day. Today I was pressed for time, so I only got in 30 minutes on the eliptical. I might force myself to go back later today, but my legs have been tired so I don’t know.

The big thing is to not give in to temptation. Stay the course. I’m going to win this time…


I will drive the long way home to avoid the following…

December 16, 2009

For the next year, I will not step foot in, eat any food from, or even think about the following establishments:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • McDonalds
  • Burger King
  • Wendy’s
  • Taco Bell
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Ruby Tuesday’s
  • TGI Fridays
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • IHOP
  • Any Pizza Joint
  • All other fast food operations

I will also not touch:

  • Donuts (like how this again tops the list)
  • Snack cake foods like Hostess, Little Debbie, etc.
  • Crap chocolate (Hershey or other candy store crap)
  • Store Candy, or pretty much ALL FRICKIN’ CANDY
  • White Bread
  • Pretty much anything processed

It’s going to be tough, but hell – it’s worth it. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot, but I need to bail from the B&N Cafe and go get the kiddos from school.



December 16, 2009

I took today off.

I’ve been working by big fat giant ass off at work lately, and after ten consecutive work days without a day off, I decided to take a rare mid-week day off. So I find myself in the local Barnes & Noble Cafe with a pile of dieting books and my laptop. And can I just say – DIET BOOKS SUCK!

I started by pulling a bunch from the shelves – Atkins, South Beach, Clean Eating, etc. I’ve tried many of these in the past to no avail. It’s not that I didn’t get results, it’s just that I never was able to make it stick. I guess I’m a bit of a fuck-up when it comes to dieting (excuse my French).

I began my hardcore routine – my new lifestyle – on Monday without much of a dieting plan other than I was going to purge crap from my diet. You see, I’m a major consumer of crap. All kinds of processed food that makes you feel lethargic and depressed. That’s been my life-long diet. So the “plan” (not thought through at all) was to eliminate virtually everything. Pretty much stick to proteins and fats with a very few veggie carbs in the mix. A sort of extreme Atkins approach. And in the 48+ hours since I began it’s worked like a charm. I’ve lost 6 lbs. (weighing in at 264 this morning), already sleeping better, and feeling a little more energetic. I’ve had slight hints of sugar withdrawal, including  a mild headache, but it disappears as quickly as it arrives. Shocking to me, since I spent the two weeks prior to this effort consuming mass amounts of birthday cake and other shit that would make Dr. Atkin’s skin crawl (may he R.I.P.).

So since I took the day off, I decided that now was a good time to get serious about my eating plan. I want to not only loose weight, but gain health. I’m concerned about skin elasticity and heart health as well. So I’m making a few decisions that I hopefully won’t regret.

I found a book called “The Eat-Clean  Diet Recharged” by a someone named Tosca Reno. It’s a chick book (no offense), not designed for guys. But it makes a hell of a lot of sense to me. So I’m going to get in touch with my feminine side and give it a try. It encourages the combination of complex carbohydrates with good proteins and fats. Dr. Atkins would never approve. But since I’m going to be spending a significant amount of time in the gym, I want to give it a try. And I really liked that she eats 12 hard-boiled eggs each day (only 2 or 3 of the yolks, but all the whites). That’s something I could do easy. I’ll have to get used to the rolled oats at breakfast, but hey – sacrifices must be made.

So I’m going to try this. I’ll ease myself into it at first by adding some high quality veggies to dinner (broccoli for ex.) and those afore mentioned oats at breakfast. Hopefully this won’t spike my blood sugar and cause cravings, which thankfully have been pretty mild. I’ll continue to ease my way into it, incorporating blueberries and other foods as I feel comfortable doing so. And I’ll avoid all processed foods.

I’ll give this a few days and see how it works. Sorry Dr. A!

Day two

December 15, 2009

Lost some serious poundage in the first day. Weighed in today at 265.2 lbs. That’s right, I lost 4.8 lbs. the first day. I know, a lot. But I ate extremely light and had a crazy busy day at work. Which, actually, was exactly the same deal today. I got to the gym this morning, then kicked butt during a long, long work day, and I’ve eaten clean all day. I’m doing low carb, hoping to kick start my metabolism, and by the looks of the first day’s results, it’s working. Though I know not to get too cocky yet. For all I know, I’ll be back up to 270 tomorrow. But I don’t think so.

Anyway, I’m exhausted, but wanted to make it a point to get a blog post up. I am dead serious about losing all this weight this time. More serious than ever. And I know I’ve said that before. I just hope this time I’m right. More tomorrow. I’m taking the day off from work, so I might be able to have a decent post for once.

Exhausted, but good

December 14, 2009

First days are tricky.

They are exciting – embarking on a new adventure. You know you can do it. No discouragement yet. The world is my oyster and I can accomplish anything. Energy is high. Things are good.

Today was a particularly good first day. I was kept busy by a work project – a very out of the ordinary work project – that was fun, and all-consuming. It is 8:30 at night, I’ve been here since 9 a.m., and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. But I’m not that hungry…yet. I was on my feet all day. My lower back is tightening up a bit following this mornings trio of cardio exercises. But I’ll be heading home in just a few minutes, I’ll eat a clean dinner, and get a good night’s sleep. Day one is almost in the books and I did fine. And I think that is how I’m going to have to approach this. One day at a time. I know it’s a cliche. Tough.

Gettin’ it off the ground

December 14, 2009

I’m taking a running start at this. I don’t have time to really write this blog. Posts might be short for the first few days – I don’t know. I’m just focused as hell and need to get this going now. My health situation is a frickin’ disaster and I need to fix it – NOW.

Having a quick breakfast – a mostly eggwhite omelete, no cheese, spinach and baby bella mushooms. A bit of salt. Earthy and good. Sugar withdrawal should hit later today or tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

DAY ONE – Exact transcription of my workout log

December 14, 2009

Let’s Fuckin’ do this right for once!

Weight: 270 lbs.            Goal: 180 lbs.


Eliptical – 20 minutes – 1.91 miles – 310 calories

Treadmill – 20 minutes – 1.19 miles – 105 calories

Stationary bike – 20 minutes – 4.17 miles – 133 calories

Fuck yeah!

Starting over

December 13, 2009

As you can see, I had just gotten started when I abandoned this blog. It’s a year later, and I’m in the exact same place I was a year ago. But things are going to change now, goddammit. I begin my new journey in 45 minutes, exactly midnight 12/14/09. I’m going hardcore. Like never  before. I’m giving myself 365 days. I’ll blog every frickin’ day. I’ll track every aspect of my health, of my new plan. And, believe me, I’m going to transform this body of mine. Just wait and see.

See you in a few hours…

Choosing wisely

December 5, 2008

Thought I did good choosing my foods yesterday. Feeling pretty good today – tired after a late night out, but good just the same. Weighed in at 267. Can’t wait to be below 260.


December 4, 2008

That’s a little better.

I am beginning to realize that at my “advanced age” my food intake has more impact on my weight than exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to exercise plenty. But I used to be able to eat in moderation and work my butt off and shed major tonnage. No longer the case. I need more than moderation, I need to cut back majorly, without sacrificing nutrition, to lose anything these days.

Now I feel old.